Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alyssa and Kevin's B-day

 Well I officially have a teenager and it makes me sad knowing as fast as these past 13 years have gone by the next 5 years will go by even faster, then Alyssa will be ready to start her own adult life "hopefully going to college". We have been lucky that she has been such a sweet, caring and loving kid and we just hope these teenage years are just as good as the last 13 years have been. Kevin has always loved the fact that his only girl and him share a birthday. Alyssa and Kevin have such a close relationship which I love but at the same time they are so much alike that they butt heads at times as well.

 Alyssa decided she wanted a party where her and her friends can just hang out talk and play games. I was gonna have it at our house but at the last minute I chickened out and she had it at a frozen yogurt place near us and it went just as she wanted.

 I just want to wish Kevin and Alyssa a very LATE happy Birthday and let them both know that I love them more then they will ever know.
                                                  Alyssa opening up a b-day gift
            Annika and Alyssa ready for Kevin and her b-day dinner with the rest of our family! Alyssa got the hat a b-day gift from Annika.   

Alyssa's Birthday Party Day