Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

 Ever thought about entering the 2012 ING New York City Marathon, but needed a little extra inspiration to get you there? Or, maybe you tried to get into the NYC marathon through the lottery, but were one of the thousands who didn't get selected?

 Well, today might be your lucky day! The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, dedicated to curing spinal cord injury and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis, is looking for enthusiastic, inspiring and committed people to run in honor of those who cannot. The Foundation has 30 coveted spots available on Team Reeve for the 2012 ING New York City Marathon, taking place on November 4, 2012. Participants are required to raise a minimum of $4,000 for the Foundation.

 To apply for a spot, simply visit http://tinyurl.com/82auwxs to fill out the application. Applications will be vetted by the Foundation, with winners being notified within approximately one week of submission.

 Additionally, Team Reeve has teamed up with exclusive training facility La Palestra in New York City, which will provide free coaching, strength training, nutrition counseling and training runs to all Team Reeve members. If you live outside of New York, the staff at La Palestra will provide tele-coaching.
So, to all you runners out there...Go Far. Be Inspirational. Do Good.

"This information was provided to me by The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation through MyBlogSpark."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last day of school

Well today was the last day of school for my kids and that means I officially have two kids in middle school and one left in elementary school. I can't believe how fast this school year has gone by. My kids are growing up so fast and that is just crazy for me to think that they are mine and they are as old as they are. I have been very lucky to have such good kids in and out of school. I am always having parents and staff at there schools telling me how sweet they are. Well here is the first and last day of school pictures and if you want to look back at at the last two years here are the links- 2009/2010 and 2010/2011
Last Day
"Today was P.J day at there school" 
First Day
Last Day
First Day

Monday, June 11, 2012

Celebrate this Father's Day with UnitedHealthcare

Looking for the perfect gift for the father figure in your life this Father愀 Day? Instead of shopping for an expensive gadget or another necktie, give him something he惻l really enjoy. Celebrate this Father愀 Day by spending quality time together!
Here are a few ideas from UnitedHealthcare on how you can make this Father愀 Day really special for your favorite guy.
Host a Backyard BBQ
For the grill master in your life, a BBQ is a fun way to celebrate Father's Day and prepare a nutritious meal. Invite family and friends over to try some of these recipes:

Pack a Picnic
Enjoy the beautiful June weather with a relaxing picnic! Pack a basket full of some favorite treats and new options. Here's a list that will get your mouth watering:

Stock the Fridge
Make his day by stocking the fridge full of healthy staples combined with his favorite snacks. Clean out his fridge with help from this Refrigerator Audit, and while you're there use this Kitchen Safety list to re-arrange the kitchen so it's safer and more accessible.
Now that you're feeling inspired for Father's Day, visit the Solutions for Caregivers website to download these recipes, find more tips, and learn about providing care for a loved one.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Carnival Party

 My youngest turned 10 in May which was a sad/happy kinda day for me. I was happy because he has grown up to be such a sweet and loving kid but I was sad because all of my kids have hit the double digits and its just that much more real that they are not my babies anymore. 

 Alyssa and I decided we wanted him to have a carnival theme party and started looking for stuff. I really didn't think to tell him and when I finally did he was not so excited about it but went along with us anyways. I wasn't sure how a bunch of 8 and 9 year old would like it but I have to say it was a huge success and I loved how excited the kids were when there parents picked them up telling them about all the fun they had.

          Here is a picture of Ryan on the day of his Birthday! With lots of hair!!

He didn't want a cake so I made him ice-cream sandwiches with cookie dough ice-cream
                The invitations Alyssa and I made

    The prize table where all the kids turned in there tickets that they had won

                                     The banner I made

The suckers and labels I ordered that barley made it in time for his party. I ordered them May 2nd and asked before I ordered if they would be here by June 2nd and she said no problem and they got here an hour before the party was over.
 My carnival workers
   Did you notice the hair cut in this one?? So much cuter with out all that hair!
 Ryan with some of his gifts and his cute mustash! We had face painting done by the girls as well
The police leaving after they made everyone leave because all the kids were being so crazy from all the sugar I gave them!
I know lots of pictures like always and if you are reading this then thank you for taking the time to look through this post!