Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guilty Pleasures Swap


 I am participating in a Guilty Pleasures Swap over at It is gonna be a fun one. It is all about the little things that you might hate to share or even buy yourself. It could be a lotion, candy, candles or even a magazine. The ideas are endless. I can't wait to go shopping for this because we all know I love to shop.

 I also think you all should check out her blog just because she is an awesome mom and aunt. She always has something fun going on in her life. She just seems like an all around sweet person.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Look at what I won

Look at what I won over at This is the first time I won something. I got it in the mail today and it is all awesome stuff. I was able to split it with all 3 of my kids.


Friday, August 20, 2010

My friend came to visit

  So my friend called me last Friday at 6:30 P.M and told me to pick her up at 10:30 from the airport she was coming to visit. I was happy to have a friend around for a couple of days because I have no friends here where I live now. So Saturday we went to Saturday Market and it was in the high 90's so that meant alot of stinky people but we all had a good time we were gone all day messing around in Portland. Then Sunday we really didn't do much we went to lunch and did a little shopping then we came home and played a new game I bought called Monopoly deal with my hubby and I have to say it was a really fun game. Monday we went To Astoria and Cannon beach looking for all the Goonie places. I did buy myself a Goonies shot glass to go with my collection of shot glasses.

This is the house from Goonies and the sign by the house because it gets a lot of visitors

This is the museum in the movie
This is the Goonies Rock
This is the end of our Goonies day. We then took my kids home and we all watched the Goonies so they could see what all the Goonie fuss was all about.

Tuesday we headed up to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. It was OK not what I expected . Then later that evening I took my friend to the airport

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love my husband!!

  My hubby surprised me with a Cricut/Gypsy bundle machine tonight.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 29th - August 9th

  Well this will be a very boring post so you don't have to read it, I am doing it more for me. Well on the 30th Alyssa left for camp which was about 7 hours away and it was a very sad and scary day for me scary because I have let her do more this summer with out me then ever before because I have realized she is not my baby anymore and sad is well because she is not my baby. That night we took Ryan to the Washington county fair and Joe stayed with my mom because he didn't want to go. It was a lot fun but it ain't no Ventura county fair that is for sure. I did get my nose pierced there again. This time was not as dramatising as the first time I had it done years ago. Then Saturday I woke up sick and stayed sick till Monday. It was not fun. I really don't remember what we did Tuesday and Wednesday so it must of not been that great. I did finish A&J room and I have to say this is the first time I have loved it since they were babies and I found so many way to make it more affordable to do for me. Such as making a bed skirt out of a towel and using place mats to make the curtains longer and painting picture for the wall. Thursday I had a lot to do so when I woke up I went down stairs for my Diet Coke and then I noticed my wall and carpet in my living room was covered with carpet ants at least 100 and they grossed the hell out of me so I call the bug killing guy and 5 hours and $275 later my problem was solved. So by this time it was getting late so I could not get everything on my list done but I had to get my oil changed for when we picked up Alyssa. So when we got to the oil place there was an hour wait and I have no air and it was 100 degrees so it was soooooooo hot but if i didn't get it done my husband would of been mad. Then Friday was the day I got to see Alyssa "YAY" so we left at 7:30 A.M and we were making good time then we realised it did not seem like the right way well guess what we were in the middle of no where and the GPS said we had met our destination "what destination that was suppose to be beats the h*ll out of me". Well after the husband cussed and was rude to me like it was my fault we were finally on the right track and we got there and we were all happy. Oh ya on the way there I had a body part fly in our car yes I said a body part which was a wing. "GROSS CAN YOU SAY" Then we decided to spend the weekend with family in Coos Bay which was nice the weather was great we went to a lot of neat antique shops where I got a couple really cute neat tins for my kitchen and on Sunday the boys went shooting. We got home late Sunday night so my 10 year old cousin that got a ride home with us stayed the night with us cause her parents were already sleeping. Monday comes and we waited all day for her dad to pick her up then when he finally did Ryan thought we were gonna go do the stuff we had to do and locked us out of the house, so after about 2 hours and me having to pee so bad Alyssa and her friend finally broke got into the house then I got to pee and we did what we had to do.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Giveaway with Aimee

You should head on over to Ms. Aimee's blog over at to enter her giveaway for her 100th post. She is an awsome girl with an awesome blog. I was lucky enough to do a a swap with her which was alot of fun. She sent me some awesome stuff  so you have my promise that her giveaway will be just as good.