Friday, September 24, 2010

Six things Saturday

What is Six things Saturday (STS)?: Six things Saturday is where you write Six things that you have LIKED or DISLIKED or a mixture of BOTH from the last week!

Like- Got my guilty pleasures package in the mail

Like- Got my Halloween cricut cartridge in the mail

Dislike- Just the thought of moving soon

Like- How easy it was to find a new place to live

Dislike- Kevin working so much

Dislike- Letting my house get so messy because were moving and I just don't care what it looks like.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guilty Pleasures Swap

As I posted a couple weeks back I was gonna be joining a guilty pleasures swap with the famous Mamarazzi. "Which is one of the coolest girls around"
 I was paired up with Kristin and she sent me some awesome stuff, you have to see it all. Oh ya she is also a mommy to 4 of the cutest boys yes I said 4 boys.

and my favorite is
Yes I know I am a lucky girl to get all this good stuff.
Thank you Kristin for all my goodies and thank you Ms. Mamarazzi
for allowing a newbie to join this swap I really had fun.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We are moving :0(

  Kevin and I have been married 12 years and moved 9 times. We are at a place that I never wanted to have to move from again. I love this house and all the kids around here are super nice. We live in a neighborhood where we talk to our neighbors all the time and the kids are always outside playing which is a first for our family. Well after living here 2 years some stuff has came up which we have no control over and we will be moving next month. I am relieved we found a place so fast and easy, but so very sad to be leaving this neighborhood. My kids will be very sad as well. I just hope we all can make friends at our new place and we don't end up next to a bunch of snobs or hermits.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Silly bandz

Silly Bandz
I don't get the Silly Bandz faze. Everywhere I go I see them. I see them at most stores for $4.99 but the good old Dollar Tree has the same ones for "you guessed it" $1.00.
For some reason I didn't think it was a boy faze, but boy was I wrong. I kept telling my boys they are for girls till we seen these 7th grade boys " that is old for a 2nd and 4th grader you know" wearing them and buying more. So now all 3 of my kids have tons of them. After school there is about 15 kids that gather out front and trade them. Some people can come up with some lame stuff but I guess they make some good money off of that lame stuff.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Look at what I got

          Look at all this stuff I got from Vista Prints for only $5.83. They are always having great deals.

This is a small tote bag that says:    "We love you grandma
                                                          #1 Grandma"

This is a stamp

Sticky Notes
This is a notebook

Save up to 80% on custom printed products at Vistaprint. Order today!

Friday, September 17, 2010

~~Show us your living room ~~

I seen this on another blog and decided why not join in the fun. I love seeing other peoples houses and how they decorate. You could head on over to  and check out other peoples houses also.
The green basket by the fireplace has all Emma's toys in it.
I made the picture behind the plant.
That stuff on the wall is candle wax which is on the carpet also. I have one of those plug in the wall candle things which I love because it works so good. But when you have kids the wax might get other places then where it is suppose to be.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My baby girl is growing up

 Yes I know she is only 10 but I let Alyssa shave her lower legs a couple day ago. She had really hairy legs and when she wears skirts or shorts it was very noticeable. When Joe seen her legs he said oh good you don't have man legs anymore. I told her it is a lot of work and once you start you can't really stop. I asked a couple of her friends if they shave and they all do so I figure why not let her. We bought her an electric shaver so she does not cut her legs. It is a wet/dry one so she does not only have to be in the shower to do  it. I can't believe she is shaving her legs already and next year she will be in JR. high. I hope she has a couple years before she starts her period, but I did start the summer before 5th grade so who knows with her. I am just happy that she had been such a good kid and I hope she will stay this way as she gets in to her teen years.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I was surprised by this

 I was sitting on my bed playing on my laptop with the TV on not really paying attention to it. Then this commercial caught my attention. I had to rewind it to see what they were talking about because I totally got the wrong idea. I was VERY surprised by this commercial. I guess it was kind of funny but very surprising I might add.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kid's First Day Back To School

 Well the day started off good meaning I got up on time and my kids and I were ready on time. It started off with me making the two older kids pancakes for breakfast and Ryan frozen Waffles because he wont eat homemade pancakes, then got myself ready as I helped my kids get ready. As it was hitting 7:50 the kids were like crazy people wanting to leave right then and it was like 15 min too early but we left. Then when we pulled in to the school I realized what a bad mom I was for the first time since my kids had been in school I forgot to take there picture so trying to make up for it I took a couple pictures with my cell which didn't really turn out. So after running around there school from one end to another getting them each settled in there class, meeting teachers and getting all the school supplies put away I got to leave but oh yes with the first day of school came a lot of rain so as my hair is growing bigger by the second I get to my car and notice my youngest forgot his lunch in the car so I run back in yes it is still pouring to give him his lunch because I am still trying to make up from being a bad mom already once and it was still early in the day so of course I didn't want him to starve. So now I am now back in my car my hair is huge and I am so hot and I notice shit there is no way out of here. There were all these little cars making 100 pt turns yes I said 100 but my van was not gonna do that so what do I do I drive onto the playground and turn around " no there were no kids around". So with my big hair and sweated off makeup I go meet up with my mom and sis to go shopping. Well on our way back to get my car we see this accident and no one stopped so we did and the first thing this guy says to me is oh no it gonna be a white against us thing well that set me off I said um excuse me I am 100% mexican my dad is and so is my mom and if you don't believe me she is in the car. Then I am hoping please don't go to the car because my mom is as white as white can be and with red hair. Thank gosh he didn't. Then he starts yelling at me like it was my fault and we were not even in the accident. So by then I was pissed I went off on that short little punk and gave the other party my info if anybody wanted to talk to me. So ya later on I am outside with my dog Emma waiting for my kids to get off the bus and yes they were 30 min late getting home. So I was so excited finding out how there day went when we went in the house I left poor Emma out side in the pouring rain and it took me almost an hour to notice so not only was I a bad mom I was also a bad doggy mom today. Well to end my evening I made dinner then went with my sis to pick up a phone which was a half hour away and that was a experience in it self. She does not drive in the rain and it was pouring so hard that it was hard to see and not sure where we were going made it worse so there were a alot  few times I was so scared and I had to pee so bad it was not even funny. Then we were driving through a parking lot that was flooded and I was half way joking with my sister that she was gonna flood her engine then she started freaking out as I was in tears from laughing so hard and having to pee so bad then her car start smoking really bad well it turned out to be nothing but it was an experience I would say. Well I made it home safe just after 8:00 made everyone a ice-cream sundae took a shower now I am gonna go to bed so I could wake up early and get the hundreds of papers my kids have to turn in tomorrow ready and signed. I just hope it is a little calmer tomorrow for my houses sake because it needs a good cleaning.

" Sorry if this does not make since and not spelled right and all that other good stuff but I am tired and my head is killing me"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Six things Saturday

 Today I am gonna join Katie over at to do the STS.
What is Six things Saturday (STS)?: Six things Saturday is where you write Six things that you have LIKED or DISLIKED or a mixture of BOTH from last Saturday
1. LIKED- The weather was perfect!

2. LIKED- Having a house full of kids all day. " I really mean it I am not being sarcastic"

3. LIKED- Getting to shop online with Kohl's and getting a lot of clearance stuff for awesome prices

4. DISLIKED- Waking up early

5. DISLIKED- Having to meet someone to leave at 9 A.M and not getting up till 8:40 and had to get my kids up and ready and having to leave the house with out getting myself ready

6. LIKED- That my hubby got to go Kayaking with his dad. I think it is good for them to spend time together


  This is a very random post but I thought it was kind of funny. So there has been these 2 boys bugging some of the kids on our street today and even called my sweet little Alyssa a BITCH "no one can do that but me". Well every time I go outside they ride away, I didn't want to get to into it because these kids are not much older so they will have to deal with them for along time. So I was wanting all the kids to deal with them on there own. Well that is when my friend Karma stepped in and one of the boys crashed right in to a boat and got scraped up. Well I give the kids on my street credit because they ran up to him and made sure he was OK and gave him bandages and stuff. I on the other hand would of laughed at him and said ya now you really know what a bitch is.

State Fair

 Last Sunday we went to the state fair with my sister and her family and our neighbors. We had never been to the Oregon state fair so we didn't know what to expect and that there is so much to see and do there. We didn't get there till 3:30 so we didn't get to go through it all. There was 7 kids in all and they all had a blast. It was very expensive I might add. I tried deep fried Carmel apples and they were delish. Joe and one of our neighbor kids are not big fans of rides but it was funny because they seemed to go on more rides then the other kids. Alyssa talked her dad and I to go on two different rides with her cause everyone else was to scared and after I got off I knew why. All in all we had a great day!