Thursday, June 16, 2011

My kids first & last day of school

 Well the school year started great then we had to move suddenly in October then they hated school till about the end of April and then they kind of liked it. This was Alyssa's last year in elementary school which she is sad about. " I think I am sadder then she is though' They all were happy after school now that they can eat what ever they want from the lunch shelf. When Ryan got in the car he showed me his fathers day card he made and I had to laugh when I got to the part where it said I think my dad is as hansom as a dog. A dog REALLY gosh I love the way he thinks.
I just noticed Ryan is wearing the same shirt he was wearing on the first day of school. I swear he has more shirts but he has really only wore it a couple times because he got it for school and then it got to cold to wear till about 2 weeks ago.

First Day of school. September/2010
Last Day of school. June/2011

If you want you can go over to last years pictures and look at how much bigger they have got.

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