Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alyssa's Science project

Alyssa did her science project on what will make Dr.Pepper cold faster. She did a good job and her results were not what I would of guessed so I have to say I learned something from her project.


                                      Alyssa's favorite part was testing all of the Dr. Peppers temperatures.

Joe's Bowling Party

 Since Joe has not had a B-day party with friends since he was 5 we decided to let him have a bowling party. He had a blast and got lots of neat art stuff.

Sorry Jennie once again I can't upload any more pictures.
This thing wont let me

Friday, March 5, 2010

Joe's 9th B-day

On February 28th was Joe's 9th b-day so we had Jen and her family and grandpa over for pork chops, a big cookie and ice cream. He was very happy with his gifts and surprised also. All my babies are not babies anymore :0[

In his new skull snuggy and that other thing in his hand "I can't remember what it is called"

His great new knife
Those are a few of his gifts

Ya he got a couple Dangerous things but I was not asked
and he seems very happy with them and as long as he stays safe he can keep them