Monday, May 30, 2011

Ryan's B-Day and stuff

 Ryan's 9th Birthday was on the 22nd so we just had a little family party for him. I can't believe this is my last year having kids in the single digit ages. Gosh I feel old and sad at the same time. My babies are growing up so fast. I remember when people would tell me they grow up so fast and how that saying would bug the crap out of me, but now I find myself saying the same thing because it is so true and sad.

Well  a couple things my kids said to me this month that I thought was funny.  
 ~~Alyssa informed me that her whining is like crack without it I would go crazy she said. "Only if I could get her to realize with It I go crazy"
~~ Joe was wanting me to take him to the Lego store and I told him I had to put my make-up on and he said you wear make up I can't even tell, I thought you were naturally young looking. "Talk about him kissing my ass"
~~ Ryan's friend asked if Ryan could go to his house after school and Ryan told him if my mom meets your mom. So when Ryan was at the park his friends mom asked if it was OK to meet me and Ryan said I am not sure because my mom hates our house because she said we live in the ghetto. Well I never told him that and I swear we live in a really nice area but I did tell Kevin that I feel like our place is ghetto because our door mat that is only 7 months old is falling apart. When anyone steps on it pieces fall off. We went looking at them but I am to cheap to spend $20 on one. Oh ya and the inside of my house is not ghetto either I was just whining not realizing that Ryan was listening to me. I guess I know where my kids get there whining from.
 Ryan with his Birthday gift from mom & dad.

Well this may not be the prettiest looking stuff but Ryan wanted cupcakes and 
ice-cream sandwiches so that is what I made him and it tasted better then it looked.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day "I am mother of the year"

 I hope everyone had a good Mother's day! I had a good one, my kids all made me gifts at school and Kevin worked, then we went to my mom's for a barbecue.  Alyssa made me a coupon book, Joe made me a really cute coaster, and Ryan wrote me a poem. I have to say I am sure Ryan's teacher wants to nominate me for mother of the year after reading his poem. It was 10 of the smartest things my mom has taught me, a few of them that I liked were teaching him that it not a bad thing to stand in long lines because good things come to those who wait, never point or shoot a BB gun at his brother, TRY and keep his room clean, but my favorite and the one I should be nominated mother of the year for is that I taught him to NEVER LISTEN TO HIS DAD. Yes I will admit I told all 3 of my kids this but Alyssa & Joe knew I was joking but I have to remember that Ryan takes everything serious. If you don't tell him that you were not serious he is gonna take what you say literally. I am sure when his teacher read that she was wanting to nominate me for mother of the year. Wouldn't y'all?

Friday, May 6, 2011


  So I  never said I was the smartest girl in the world but I like to think I can fool people in to thinking I am. Well today I had my kids spring conferences to go to and I thought no big deal I am going to see how my kids are doing in school. Well when I was in Alyssa's class her teacher was showing me one of her math pages and said oops I marked that one wrong and its suppose to be right, and I said that's what I thought and I pointed to the one I thought she marked wrong then she just kind of laughed and said no I meant this one. You talk about making a person feel like a dumb a@* and the sad part is I did it to myself. I should of just kept my mouth shut because I was at my 5th graders conference and I am totally clueless on how to even do my 2nd graders math. There dad is the one they have to go to for math because the stuff there teaching these days can really make a mom feel dumb. Oh ya by the way all 3 of my kids are doing good in school, so that's good news because they are gonna have to start teaching me a thing or two.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's been over a month

  Hello my few peeps that actually do read this. It has been over a month since I have been on or looked at any other blogs well with exception of the ones that I get emailed to me. I am was so addicted to reading blogs I found it consuming a good part of my day. I feel like I know so many of the people of the blogs I follow. I would find myself talking about them as if they were my friends and they really have no clue who I am because 90% of them don't follow me back. I didn't think I could stay away this long but I did and now I am back in full force part time only. I have missed the only friends I have that don't even know I am alive. I was kind of sad when I looked at how many followers I had and found out that I lost 7. I know people say it don't really matter how many you have but it does to me because then I feel kind of liked even if my post are boring.

 Well we have been good since my last post. We went on vacation for a week to California for my brothers wedding and while we were there we took our kids to Disneyland for there first time. Thank gosh my mom came with us because she ended up taking the 2 hour drive by herself back to where we were staying with Joe because he got really sick from the heat and my 2 year old nephew because it was just to hot that day. The rest of us ended up staying with the rest of the kids till 11:30 pm and as we were leaving Ryan said why do the commercials makes it look so fun and its really not. I guess because the day we went was so hot it was not fun standing in line for an hour in the heat.

 Then Easter came and we had a good Easter this was our first year of having all 3 of our kids knowing the truth about the Easter bunny, which is that much more proof that my babies are getting older and that makes me sad. Well you know I am gonna have to post some pictures, so if you made it this far in to my long post you should stay a little longer and look at my pictures.

My kids at the Ventura beach

My nephew and Joe at brunch

My niece and nephew
                                                   My newest niece Kimberly
My niece Krystal with her baby and my great niece Abbie

Disneyland after Joe and Aiden left

Notice my pink ears? I had to get them because they are PINK

I just fell in love with this

                                                  My brother with his new wife
      All my moms grand-kids and her only great granddaughter
My niece Kayla and her boyfriend

When we first got to Disneyland before it got to bad