Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I HATE this tree!

We have this huge beautiful tree in my front yard that I hate nine months out of the year. It's not your average tree where the leafs fall off only in the fall, no they fall off 9 months out of the year. When I say fall I mean they cover my yard, the neighbors yard and the street. The piles are higher then our ankles. We can spend 3 hours getting them in piles just to have it just as bad as when we started 12 hours later. What we have learned from  other people on our street is that when these houses first went up they all had the same tree and everyone hated them so much that they had them taken out of there yards. I guess the tree is sick, what ever that means. For reasons beyond our control we can't get rid of this tree. All I know is these pictures your about to see don't do what I'm saying justice.
                                            This is just one of the four left over piles we have.
         We filled 3 of these trash cans so far. The driveway was filled within a couple hours after this picture.
                                               This is the tree that is making me crazy!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Green Giant Seasoned Steamers Giveaway

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  • Available in six different varieties, Green Giant Seasoned Steamers are one of the first sauce-free seasoned vegetables to bring unique chef-inspired seasonings and premium cut vegetable blends to your dining room table
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Trying to get my husband and kids to eat vegetables is a task! My husband isn't good with cooked vegetables but he does like them when there fresh and my kids are just picky and yes I do have to bribe them to try different things "Hey whatever works" Well I made them all try the backyard grilled potatoes first and they all like them, so I decided to try a new one the next night and they all agreed they liked it also. Out of the 3 we have tried so far they have all liked them but Ryan wasn't a fan of the corn. I love vegetables and thought that they were all great and could go with just about any meal you might be having.

If you wanna try and win a prize pack that includes-

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Friday, November 2, 2012


My beautiful niece Hailey just turned 10 and my wonderful mom turned 63 just recently. Joseph told my mom that 63 is the new 40! I just wanted them to both know how much I love them and I am so thankful to have them as part of our life. I hope both of you you had great birthdays!
Jennie, my mom and me..

Hailey and Alyssa
"Notice how Hailey and my mom are both red heads"


This is my first Halloween only having one kid to take trick-or-treating. Alyssa decided to go watch scary movies with some friends and Ryan stayed home and passed out candy. We did get to go with Aiden and Hailey and Joe brought a friend along. We decided to go trick or-treating around where I live now and I have to say the kids made out really good with 7 full size candy bars a full size box of jr.mints and a 3-pack of full size pop rocks and all the other snack size candy as well. It did make me a little sad that all 3 of them didn't want to go out but I know they are getting older and I just want them to stay my babies. Alyssa and Joseph got to dress up for school so Alyssa was Bat girl and Joe was a hobo clown..
                                                                Hailey and Aiden
Joseph and Alyssa