Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big G Giveaway

 According to the 2010 Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, only five percent of Americans get the three full recommended daily servings - a shocking statistic.

With many Americans trying to live healthier, it's never been easier to get the whole grain you want without sacrificing taste. Every Big G cereal contains at least 8 grams of whole grain per serving, with more than 20 General Mills cereals delivering 16 grams or more. (At least 48 grams of whole grain are recommended daily.) Big G cereals are America's number one source of whole grain at breakfast, providing America with more whole grain at breakfast than any other breakfast food from any other manufacturer.

 Only whole grain gives you the vital nutrients from the complete grain. The health benefits of whole grains can't be pinpointed to one particular component of the grain. It's the "whole grain package" that makes the difference. In addition to fiber, whole grain contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients that help ensure a healthy diet. A diet high in whole grain has been found to help with diabetes and weight management, and it may help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

 Get into the whole grain habit by just looking for the big white check on Big G cereals! Cereal is already one of the healthiest breakfast choices you can make, and the entire Big G cereal line is made with whole grain, making it a great choice. Big G cereals have the brands and flavor your family will love, including Cheerios®, Lucky Charms®, Cinnamon Toast Crunch®, Honey Nut Cheerios®, Fiber One® and Total®.
       One of my lucky followers is going to win all this stuff
A VIP coupon for one Big G cereal, a cereal on-the-go bowl, lunch bag, walking enthusiast kit and a digital   jump rope.

I have to say I was very surprised at how good the cereal is, I was eating it right out of the box when I got it home and I was having everyone try it. My kids had some friends over and I even had them try it and yes the whole box was gone in about 1/2 hour with out even using milk. I have since bought 2 more boxes and my family loves it.

Now for your chance to win the yummy box of cereal along with all the other cool stuff all you have to do is follow a couple simple rules

*Mandatory entry is be a- public follower  = 1 entry
   *Tell me how you might incorporate more whole grain in to your diet? = 1entry 
*Which of your favorite Big G cereals do you like to start your day off? = 1 entry
  Please leave your email address with your entry so i can notify the winner I will pick the winner on 2/28/11 and they will have 48 hrs to contact me or I will have to pick someone else

( The coupon, prize pack, information and giveaway were all provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 I hope you all had a good Valentines. I read so many blogs this week saying how it is just another day "which yes it is" and how they think people are just foolish to go out and buy stuff for this day. Well I also know it is another day and yes I do love my husband and kids everyday and I am so thankful for them but I just love all the red and pink heart stuff and it gives me a good excuse to eat chocolate. Yes we did have a good day, I did get all my kids a treat as well and no I don't think that means I am spoiling them and that they will think they need something all the time. Just look at what my hubby got me-
         This is my kids, my niece and nephew

Oh ya I almost forgot my husband also got me this for Valentines

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My so called art/craft

 I saw this adorable picture on Clean & Scentsible. I just had to try and make one of my own. It didn't come out as nice as hers but I like mine still. I know the wording looks kind of of weird but hey I am kind of weird.

Don't forget to enter my General Mills giveaway that ends tomorrow.

Monday, February 7, 2011

General Mills Giveaway

 Starting January 24th, inside each participating cereal box (Cheerios® 14 oz, Cinnamon Toast Crunch® 17 oz, Lucky Charms® 16 oz, Reese´s Puffs® 18 oz, and Cookie Crisp® 15.6 oz), you´ll be able to "gas and go" with one of four custom-designed collectible Hot Wheels® pullback racers. Each car contains a code to unlock an exciting online racing game.

 When it comes to meals, breakfast is important in helping kids fuel up for the day and Big G cereals provides a healthy breakfast choice for parents to offer their families. You can feel good about giving your kids a bowl of Big G cereal and they´ll be thanking you for a breakfast that is as tasty as it is fun!
  My family was super excited when we opened the box full of cereal. Then when they realized there were cars in all the boxes that made it that much better. My boys collect Hot wheels as did my husband when he was a kid, so they were all totally excited to get these. We don't only eat cereal at breakfast but yes I might let them have it as dinner or put some in a baggy for a school snack. We loved all 5 boxes of cereal we were sent and my kids loved the cars.
       So if one of you want to win this awesome prize package
              All you have to do is enter this giveaway
       ~~Mandatory entry is be a public follow of mine= 1 entry
       ~~Tell me which Big G cereal is your favorite= 1 entry
This giveaway will end 2-14-11 then at that time I will email the winner and they will have 48 hours to get back to me or I will pick another winner.
(This prize pack, the information I posted here and the giveaway that will be going to one of my followers were all provided to me from General Mills and Hot Wheels through MyBlogSpark.)


Hosted by Katie
        This weeks theme is Food which I am very picky so these questions might be hard for me to answer.

1. Favorite food? Mexican and Italian food is my favorite

2. Favorite restaurant?  I don't really have a favorite restaurant but I do like Olive Garden and Baja Fresh. I know Baja Fresh is not really a restaurant but I like it so I act like it is.

3. Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?  A cockroach or two  that was in my food. "No I didn't order it that way either it was a surprise"

4. Eaten anything for money, how much did you get paid? No I haven't

5. Weirdest place you have ever eaten? I guess in the sand at the beach but that is not really weird is it

6. Favorite desert?  I don't think I will need to put anything but these pictures here
P.S Kevin if your reading this the first picture would make a good valentines or anniversary gift.
Just saying