Monday, January 31, 2011

Breaking the law!!

 These are a few questions from Katie.  She is starting Learn something new Tuesdays today, so I thought I would link up. If you have not been to her blog just click her name above and it will take you there. Trust me you wont be sorry, I just love her blog and she seems to be super sweet.                                                    
                     Theme: Breaking the law!! :)

1. Have you ever received a speeding ticket? Nope I am a good driver even if I do have an expired licence

2. If yes, how much over was it? N/A

3. Ever been in a car accident that was your fault? What happened? Yes and I left the scene and never got caught. In my defence nothing was wrong with the other car

4. Have you ever done something to get out of a ticket? What did you do? N/A

5. Done anything seriously illegal, but never been caught? See #6

6. What is the worst Breaking the law thing you have done? I did the hit and run thing and I got a little tipsy when I was 17 and drove home from the restaurant. Take your pick!

Pinewood Derby

 Both my boy's are in cub scouts and at there last meeting was the pinewood derby races.  They both had so much fun creating there cars. Joe made his in to a Oregon Ducks Lego car and Ryan made his in to a Rocket truck.  They both got ribbons and a certificate.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crayola Pop Art Pixie Winner

The winner of this great set of Pop Art Pixie stuff is The Raettig Family!
I know they will love this because we had so much fun doing all these crafts.

     You can still visit the site below and download a
      printable coupon for $2.00 off Crayola Pop Art
                                Pixies kit! B4DD9FD731BC9376

(The Crayola Pop Art Pixies products, information, and giveaway were all provided by Crayola through MyBlogSpark.)

Glove Swap

 OK so I am addicted to swaps, they are so much fun. I love getting mail even if it is just a postcard. I did a glove swap hosted by Stacey. My partner was Jen and I so love the soft gloves she sent as well as the yummy scent of the tea light candles she sent.
Thank's Jen and Stacey!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine door hanger

 I have seen on a few other blogs valentine door hangers that they made, and I loved the idea. So I wanted to make one but mine is a little different, kind of like me. I got the heart at Michael's Craft Store and the tulle at the Craft Warehouse. It did take about 1 1/2 hours to make, there was a lot of cutting and tying. I am not sure if I love it yet but it will do.
This is what I was going for,

but them I kind of liked it this way.
This is to confusing for me, I am so critical of my so called crafting.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crayola Pop Art Pixie Giveaway

I was so lucky to be able to do a review of all the Pixie stuff. We had so much fun doing all the crafts, yes I said we because I did them as well and had just as much fun. They all turned out so cute and was really easy to do. This would be a great craft for a gift, birthday craft, or just to do.

One of my lucky readers is going to win the same prize pack I got  which will include: Tatum’s “Decoupage Glass Plates” kit, Naomi’s “Create a Color Glow Lamp” kit, Naomi’s “Create a Stationary Box” kit, and Skye’s “Create a Water Bottle” kit.

To get the scoop on the Pop Art Pixies’ latest adventures and inspire creativity in your tween, follow Tatum, Maya, Naomi and Skye through their Pixie Feed on Also, don’t forget to visit Crayola on Facebook or Crayola on Twitter and “Like” or “Follow” the brand to keep up with their latest and greatest fun-filled products.

Crayola’s new Pop Art Pixies activity kit line invites tween girls to enter a world of self-discovery and creativity through the lives of the Pop Art Pixies. These best buds each have their own special interest that sets them apart, giving tweens a chance to find a virtual pal in one or even all of them. Your daughters can get to know the Pop Art Pixies as they enjoy their online world at and by adding their own creative touch to one of the 14 Pop Art Pixies craft projects.

 Whether your daughter is eco-friendly and into saving the environment like Skye, loves to throw parties like Tatum, is into music and technology like Naomi, or can’t wait to express her free-spirit like Maya – she’ll love sharing her unique style at Pop Art Pixies Virtual Clubhouse. There, she can create a personal avatar that can “hang out” with the Pop Art Pixies and upload photos of her original masterpieces to share with friends.

 Coupled with the special Pop Art Pixies community are 14 activity kits that are tailored to each of the girls’ unique interests. From Skye’s wooden charm bracelet to Tatum’s decoupage glass plate, the Crayola Pop Art Pixies kits will give your daughter a chance to personalize a fun project that lets her character and creativity shine.
In addition, you can visit
to download a printable coupon for $2.00 off a Crayola Pop Art Pixies kit today!

Now all you have to do to win this awesome prize package is
Mandatory- Follow Me
Extra entries are-
Like Crayola on Facebook
Tell me which Pop Art Pixies design kit would your daughter most like to express her creativity
                                                   This giveaway will end January 20, 2011.
                               I will then use random org to find the winner and email them.
(The Crayola Pop Art Pixies products, information, and giveaway were all provided by Crayola through MyBlogSpark.)

A couple swaps

Last month I did a Santa swap hosted by The Mommy-Files.  My swap partner was Sarah. I loved what I got and my kids were just as happy because she sent them some goodies as well

Sorry the pictures are kind of crappy

I also did a secret Santa mug swap. I guess I am still not suppose to know who my secret Santa was because I have no clue who sent it to me. Silly me let the person I sent my stuff to know who I am.
              You can't really see but there is a gift card to Starbucks as well.

 Thank you both of my partners and to the people who hosted the swaps as well. I loved what I got and had fun doing the swaps.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is a late post as well but I decided to skip my other December post and go strait to Christmas. We went to my mom and dad's on Christmas eve along with other family. All the kids draw names and the adults buy a decoration and then we play a game to see who gets what. Well when I opened mine I was happy with it, but I was a little surprised because it was not a decoration. Well the box is a joke box the real gift was inside. Everyone was laughing as I opened it but I still didn't get that it was a joke till they told me. So I am slow sue me .I really did think it would of been a different but neat kid of thing. I got a new laptop from my hubby so now I have 2, I also got a cool donut maker which makes really good donuts I might add,  I got few other things that was just as good. Oh well on to my pictures because I am a picture person you know.

This is the Joke box but you have to agree it looks kind of neat

   The night we got our tree. It was SO COLD that night

Yes Santa even gives Emma gifts and left her a cute little doggy stocking

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alyssa's B-Day Party

 I am so behind on my post because dumb comcast messed with our Internet so I have not been able to post. I will start with Alyssa and Kevin's Birthday which was last month. Alyssa has not had a  friend party for the last 3 years so she decided she wanted one this year. She had it at the roller rink. She ended up with 15 kids I think. It was a LONG party. It was from 12:00-4:30, but all the kids had a good time, there was so much going on that  it went by really fast. Well Kevin and Alyssa's birthday are on  the same day so we had to get a picture of him also.

Alyssa is always begging me to buy us something that matches so we got her these for her b-day.
She was very happy but she really wants us to have matching dresses and I don't wear dresses!