Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Cold Walk

 This past Sunday Kevin called in sick which anyone that knows him just about fell over, because he is so addicted to work he never calls in. I would have to be on my death bed for that to happen and he may even then try and work around that. So Kevin's only request is that we do something out doors even though it was raining, cold and windy. So we decided to walk the Tualatin Hills nature park which is a neat place but could be a little scary at night and muddy in the rain. Well at first I was cold and it was raining and just wanted to hurry so we could leave and Alyssa kept saying slow down so we could see all the nature. Well it started raining harder and one of the paths we took was nothing but mud so as you would figure there was a lot of slipping and sliding which I thought was a lot of fun and the kids at this time was not sure how much fun it was anymore then Kev and I started getting them wetter and splashing in peddles and they ended up having fun, they tried to act like they did not but I know they did. When we were all done there we were soaked and freezing cold so as you would expect we went to 31 flavors for ice-cream in our cold wet clothes, yes I know we are a brilliant family. I know Ryan really liked his ice-cream and his picture proves it. I guess that is what happens when we don't get him a spoon. Joe was not with us he was staying the night with Hailey so next time we go back he will have to go.

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