Sunday, February 28, 2010

Joe's Hand

Joe broke and fractured different parts of his hand on the 18th. We did not know this till the 22nd. I called the doctors office on Friday and they had me talk to the advice nurse which said it would heal on it own and nothing could be done "and no she never even seen him" well later that night I took him to urgent care which took X-Rays and they said it was a minor sprain a no big deal thing. So at this point he is still saying it hurts so I just figure it is bruised on the inside. Then Sunday evening I get a call saying the urgent care doctor decided to send his X-rays to a specialist and they wanted to see him Monday, so Monday I take him there and the doctor shows us his X-ray from urgent care and clear as day you can see it was broke so they put a cast on him. On March 27th he goes for more x-rays to see if he could get it off. Joe is really hoping because he hates it. He sleeps like crap. He was so happy to get it on but by the next morning he wanted it off. It made us have to put his B-day party on hold and we were suppose to go to Great Wolf Lodge which is a indoor water park and we had to cancel that so he has been bummed.


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