Saturday, April 17, 2010

My baby is growing up

Well last night Alyssa went to her first Friday night boy-girl party that was not over till 10:30. My baby is growing up and the only reason I did not mind her going is because I could see the house that it was at if I took 5 steps from my front yard. Well she is a good kid and she is not a follower she has her own mind and she does speak how she feels which s a good thing. She was not feeling well the night before but on Friday she went to school just so she could go to this party, well by 10:00 She was ready to come home from the party cause she just did not feel good. She was so red and was burning up so I took her temp and sure enough she had a fever. Today she is feeling much better, she was outside all day and is now at a slumber party and will be going to Bullwinkle's tomorrow for a birthday party. She is always busy weather it is school or her friends but I don't mind as long as she stays a good kid. Here are a few pictures of her from last week, her class went to a musical and were told they needed to dress up. These pictures are from after school so her hair is a little messy but she still looks beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

awwwww look at the lil brat APISSA!!!! She looks so cute!! Was her one certain friend at the party?? U know the boyyyyyyy friend she likes :O)