Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

 I found the perfect gingerbread village kit this year. It had 5 houses to build which is perfect for our family. Well the kit said it came with lots of frosting and candy. Well they lied, it was not even enough candy for one house and the frosting was so hard. Well the kids were excited so we just looked around our pantry for stuff and we found candy and stuff. We decided to use marshmallow cream to hold the houses together because it is so sticky. Well Kevin and my house would not stay up for anything so they ended up in the trash and the kids stayed up just fine, but it was so messy there was no way to make a neat looking house. They had fun so that is all that really mattered, but  I will never buy a kit again. They are such a wast of money, we will just stick with graham crackers and frosting.

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