Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 I hope you all had a good Valentines. I read so many blogs this week saying how it is just another day "which yes it is" and how they think people are just foolish to go out and buy stuff for this day. Well I also know it is another day and yes I do love my husband and kids everyday and I am so thankful for them but I just love all the red and pink heart stuff and it gives me a good excuse to eat chocolate. Yes we did have a good day, I did get all my kids a treat as well and no I don't think that means I am spoiling them and that they will think they need something all the time. Just look at what my hubby got me-
         This is my kids, my niece and nephew

Oh ya I almost forgot my husband also got me this for Valentines

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jennie said...

and you forgot to add you twin sister got you chocolate covered strawberries!!! BIG FREAKING BRAT!!!