Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day of school and a period!

 Well my kids went back to school this week and my oldest started middle school. Yes that was very traumatic for me I think I was more nervous then she was. My boys have nice teachers so far and they both are loving school. Alyssa was very overwhelmed which kinda surprised me and she has had these stomach pains the last week which was not helping all these changes for her but she did like her teachers and she had no complaints about already having homework on the second day of school. She loves that she starts an hour after her brothers so she gets to sleep in a little longer. BUT her second day of school when she got in the car I could tell she was upset about something and I asked her so how was today and she said ok, I started. I yelled OMG you started your period I knew that's was your stomach issues have been, then she tells me it's all over my pants. Then my heart sank, she said no one said anything but once I seen how bad her pants were there is no way no one could of noticed. What a horrible thing for her to have to go through on her second day of middle school and it has been very heavy and she has cramps really bad. I just hope she does not end up like me, I still to this day have a very heavy period with bad cramps. Oh well hopefully she finishes it this weekend so Monday she could start a good fresh 2nd week of middle school.

"Don't look at all the newspaper in the back. We didn't even order it and we still get them, I was hoping if they noticed they were piling up they would stop but no such luck"

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