Monday, June 11, 2012

Celebrate this Father's Day with UnitedHealthcare

Looking for the perfect gift for the father figure in your life this Father愀 Day? Instead of shopping for an expensive gadget or another necktie, give him something he惻l really enjoy. Celebrate this Father愀 Day by spending quality time together!
Here are a few ideas from UnitedHealthcare on how you can make this Father愀 Day really special for your favorite guy.
Host a Backyard BBQ
For the grill master in your life, a BBQ is a fun way to celebrate Father's Day and prepare a nutritious meal. Invite family and friends over to try some of these recipes:

Pack a Picnic
Enjoy the beautiful June weather with a relaxing picnic! Pack a basket full of some favorite treats and new options. Here's a list that will get your mouth watering:

Stock the Fridge
Make his day by stocking the fridge full of healthy staples combined with his favorite snacks. Clean out his fridge with help from this Refrigerator Audit, and while you're there use this Kitchen Safety list to re-arrange the kitchen so it's safer and more accessible.
Now that you're feeling inspired for Father's Day, visit the Solutions for Caregivers website to download these recipes, find more tips, and learn about providing care for a loved one.

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