Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 4th of July

Our 4th of July was a good one! My sister and her 4 kids and my great niece are here visiting for a couple weeks. This is the first time my sister has came to visit since we moved here 6 years ago this summer, so it has been nice to visit with her and my nieces ages 17, 21 and 1, my 18 year old nephew and my 2 year old great niece. "Lets see if any of you can figure that one out". We also had some family that lives here in Oregon just not near us here also so that was nice as well. We did a few of the fireworks while it was still light out cause it was fun for all the kids to see all the parachutes and flags come down from the sky. I think this is the first year when all the kids enjoyed the fire works and weren't hiding from all the loud bangs. There was 26 people over half of that was kids so it was fun watching how excited they all were.
                                 My 3 nieces and great niece
                                    My nephew
                              Finding ways to have fun and it was a success

Two of my favorite kids!

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