Friday, March 8, 2013

Buying a house! Maybe

Well after being married 15 years and moving 11 times I finally gave in to my husband and decided to buy a house and boy has it been a learning experience. First thing I didn't know was that some realtor's have you sign a contract and a lot of people I have talked too have  never heard of it either. When we sent him a letter trying to get out of the so called contract he guilted me in to staying with him and boy has it been a roller coaster with him! He is one of those know it all kinda guys and the type of guy that knows everything even when you try and tell him he's wrong he will hear nothing of it, so I have learned just go with it. I told him where I wanted to live and he showed me many houses that were about 20 minutes from my kids school and after I told him many times no to that area he continued to show houses in that area, so I had to look for myself and tell him about 15-20 houses I wanted to see.We are willing to live in a major fixer upper and don't have very many request other then we want a 4 bedroom and we want to stay in the same school district. I found a major shit hole that I seen a lot I could do with and after our realtor refusing to let us see it we decided to go behind his back ans see it, funny thing is that when we decided to put an offer on it he was right there to help us. Well after going back and forth with the owner and giving them our earnest money the owner decided to drop off the face of the earth and not talk to anyone not even his realtor and not sign the final papers so that house didn't happen and it took awhile to get our money back. Well I had given up on wanting a house and our realtor found one on accident in the neighborhood I wanted and it's a four bedrooms and  we liked it so we put our offer in and got all our wants accepted and the house never even had a chance to hit the market. Everything is still going as planed and if it goes well we will be moving in on April 15th.

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sprinkles said...

Congrats! Don't you just love it when everything ends up working out the way that you want it to?