Friday, August 26, 2011


 My son Joe has always stuttered. He started speech when he was 3 1/2 through the doctors and the school dist. It use to be so bad that we would get more reactions from adults then kids. There was one time when he was 4 he went up to a group of kids and asked if he could play with them and they asked him if he was dumb because of how he talked. That broke my heart I was so sad for him because that is when he noticed he talked different and it made me so mad that some parents don't teach there kids about how not to hurt other peoples feelings. My kids always been taught to not notice race, handicaps, or any other differences in other people. If they do notice they have enough respect not to stare or say rude things about it. He started to not want to talk as much to anybody not even us but to make matters worse he has a very soft raspy voice which makes him sound like he is always sick because he has calluses on his vocal cords that we have chosen to keep as is for many reasons. When he started school he was very quiet and I have had to talk to all of his teachers up till this last school year which was 4th grade. As he has got older his stuttering has got better but it is still there and he still gets speech therapy twice a week. I have grown so accustom to it that it's not a big deal to me anymore and  I really didn't think he even noticed it anymore. Well he does and I found that out tonight. My kids make silly videos that I do get to approve of first that they put on YouTube. He asked me to watch a new video he made and to tell him what I notice. He was so excited as I watched it and I honestly couldn't come up with anything then he had me watch it again and said come on mom it something really really good and I still was clueless he said it starts with an S. I had to tell him sorry but I didn't know, he said I sound normal in that video I don't stutter as much as I normally do. I was surprised by that and had to ask why he noticed that and he said cause I always stutter everyone notices it. I was very sad that he even thinks about it at all and that there was something I can do but I don't think there is anything anyone can do. I have looked and read a lot and have came up with nothing.

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