Saturday, June 15, 2013

2012-2013 First & Last day of school

This year has flew by! I can't believe it's summer break already. Our kids had a good school year over all, of course with some teen  friend drama here and there, but I think I finally got Alyssa to see what her so called friends have been doing. It has been breaking my heart having her come home the last couple weeks so upset because of these kids who treat each other so bad. Alyssa had her first boyfriend this year , went on her first date, had her first b-day, Christmas and valentines with a boyfriend but she realized shes not ready for that just yet. Let's see how 8th grade will be;) Joe has made some new friends in middle school that haven't been the best influence but we stopped that real quick now we are just trying to keep tabs on his social life being he tends to go along with what might be going on at the time. As for Ryan he had a good year not much to report on his year.

First day of 7th grade
Last day of 7th grade
                                                       First day of 6th grade
Last Day of 6th grade
                                                          First day of 4th grade
Last day of 4th grade

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