Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hometown Buffet

 Last Sunday we took our kids to Hometown Buffet for breakfast. Alyssa went a couple weeks ago for the first time and she was amazed by the place. We have never taken our kids to a buffet so they had no clue there were places like this. Well I am not a fan of buffets so I had been avoiding going. Everyday since Alyssa had been my kids have been bugging us to go, so I finally gave in and said I would only go for breakfast. So the dreaded day came and you would of thought we were going some place special with how excited my kids were. Then once we get in they sit at the table and I tell them get up and eat and my boys look at me like I am crazy I said no really grab a plate and get what ever you want. They all think this is the best place around "not me though". I would have to say my kids had more then I had ever seen them eat at least 8 plates each and no I am not kidding. I thought for sure they would be sick and it was just a couple hours later they were hungry again.

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