Friday, September 24, 2010

Six things Saturday

What is Six things Saturday (STS)?: Six things Saturday is where you write Six things that you have LIKED or DISLIKED or a mixture of BOTH from the last week!

Like- Got my guilty pleasures package in the mail

Like- Got my Halloween cricut cartridge in the mail

Dislike- Just the thought of moving soon

Like- How easy it was to find a new place to live

Dislike- Kevin working so much

Dislike- Letting my house get so messy because were moving and I just don't care what it looks like.


Mamarazzi said...

FUN!! i love a good like/dislike list!!

Katie said...

I just noticed that I never came and commented...Sorry!! When your done with the Cricut cartridge, you want to send it to me :) haha...

Thanks for the comment today...I just wish some people weren't so flaky!! I'm also excited for Friday!!

Katie said...

That's supposed to say YOU'RE not YOUR :)