Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My drink of choice

    As I have said in this blog many times before, nothing is better then Diet coke.

 Well I lied to you. I know your all in shock that I would lie but I have. This time of year there is another drink that I love. It is not the same love I have for diet coke but I do love it. It is peppermint mocha from Starbucks. If you have not tried it you must. They don't have it year around, it is only a holiday drink and it is so good.

  I don't drink coffee so my solution to the winter when everyone is always drinking coffee out of there cute mugs, is Diet Coke in my cute cup and nobody will ever know. "Except me and I wish it were something nice and hot"  There is a short period of about a month and a half when I can have a cute mug and have something hot in it. So yes I wish Starbucks would have peppermint mocha on hand so I could be cool like everyone else and really have something other then Diet coke in my mug on those freezing cold days.

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