Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Facts

These are just some random facts about me that no one will really care about, but I am gonna post them anyways.

1. I love candles! Every time we go somewhere I have to buy one but I never burn them. I seriously have about 75 candles never even used. My goal is to start lighting them.

2. I love slippers. Before we moved here I had 4 pair, but I put 3 pair in the trash because they had holes and were old. Well the slippers I brought were just as bad. So today I bought me a pair from Target and I was so excited. When my kids got home from school I said look I got new slippers and they didn't even seem to care. How RUDE I thought.
3. I change my  Underwear all the time. I change them before bed, when I wake up, and every time I change clothes. It is not like I am dirty or anything, I shower daily sometimes I shower twice a day, and yes I wipe after #1 and 2 very well. It is just a weird thing I do.

4. I love diet coke I mean LOVE it. I can't get enough of it. I really love fountain but a can will do. If I don't have my diet coke first thing in the morning you might want to stay out of my way.
5. I am scared of everything, yes I might even be scared of my own shadow at times. It got so bad I was doing some crazy things that only my husband knows about. I started getting really depressed and I decided I had to go to the doctor but I was scared they would think I was crazy so it took me a couple years, and now I thank god I did. She put me and some meds that have done wonders for me. I still am scared of things but not like before and the depression is non existent. Which makes me happy

       Well those 5 facts probably bored who ever might read this, but you know I LOVE YOU ALL :o)

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