Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is a late post as well but I decided to skip my other December post and go strait to Christmas. We went to my mom and dad's on Christmas eve along with other family. All the kids draw names and the adults buy a decoration and then we play a game to see who gets what. Well when I opened mine I was happy with it, but I was a little surprised because it was not a decoration. Well the box is a joke box the real gift was inside. Everyone was laughing as I opened it but I still didn't get that it was a joke till they told me. So I am slow sue me .I really did think it would of been a different but neat kid of thing. I got a new laptop from my hubby so now I have 2, I also got a cool donut maker which makes really good donuts I might add,  I got few other things that was just as good. Oh well on to my pictures because I am a picture person you know.

This is the Joke box but you have to agree it looks kind of neat

   The night we got our tree. It was SO COLD that night

Yes Santa even gives Emma gifts and left her a cute little doggy stocking


Mamarazzi said... the little stocking for the pup.

your kids are darling, have i told you that before?

Brandy@YDK said...

sounds like a great christmas. and 2 laptops?! i'm jealous.