Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day "I am mother of the year"

 I hope everyone had a good Mother's day! I had a good one, my kids all made me gifts at school and Kevin worked, then we went to my mom's for a barbecue.  Alyssa made me a coupon book, Joe made me a really cute coaster, and Ryan wrote me a poem. I have to say I am sure Ryan's teacher wants to nominate me for mother of the year after reading his poem. It was 10 of the smartest things my mom has taught me, a few of them that I liked were teaching him that it not a bad thing to stand in long lines because good things come to those who wait, never point or shoot a BB gun at his brother, TRY and keep his room clean, but my favorite and the one I should be nominated mother of the year for is that I taught him to NEVER LISTEN TO HIS DAD. Yes I will admit I told all 3 of my kids this but Alyssa & Joe knew I was joking but I have to remember that Ryan takes everything serious. If you don't tell him that you were not serious he is gonna take what you say literally. I am sure when his teacher read that she was wanting to nominate me for mother of the year. Wouldn't y'all?

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