Friday, May 6, 2011


  So I  never said I was the smartest girl in the world but I like to think I can fool people in to thinking I am. Well today I had my kids spring conferences to go to and I thought no big deal I am going to see how my kids are doing in school. Well when I was in Alyssa's class her teacher was showing me one of her math pages and said oops I marked that one wrong and its suppose to be right, and I said that's what I thought and I pointed to the one I thought she marked wrong then she just kind of laughed and said no I meant this one. You talk about making a person feel like a dumb a@* and the sad part is I did it to myself. I should of just kept my mouth shut because I was at my 5th graders conference and I am totally clueless on how to even do my 2nd graders math. There dad is the one they have to go to for math because the stuff there teaching these days can really make a mom feel dumb. Oh ya by the way all 3 of my kids are doing good in school, so that's good news because they are gonna have to start teaching me a thing or two.

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