Thursday, July 28, 2011


The other night Ryan comes in to my room and said-

Ryan- I am gonna be planking a lot tomorrow
Me- Um ok but what is planking honey?
Ryan- Let me show you
  ~~~ So he shows me by laying on this little bench thing.
Me- Ok so when are you gonna show me?
Ryan- I am
Me- I know but when?
Ryan- I am right now
 ~~~ Couple second pause
Me- Well are you gonna show me or what?
  ~~~ Ryan is still in the same odd position on my little bench thing
Ryan- This is it
Me- You mean laying like that is planking?
Ryan- Ya it's cool right mom
Me- Um ya sure honey that is real cool ??

Now come on really who came up with this planking thing?? It is so dumb!! If your not sure what it is google it and I am sure many of you will agree that this is a very odd thing.

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Nicole-Lynn said...

LOL I don't like it either! I hear the new thing is owling! Where you sit like an owl, perched up on something. You have to google image it.. you'll die laughing because it's just so ridiculous!