Friday, February 17, 2012


My 12 year old wanted to rent this the other day so I did and my 3 kids and I sat down to watch it earlier this evening. I wasn't sure what to expect of the movie or that my kids would think much of it. Well after watching this movie I think this is a movie that schools should show to kids at school. I think this movie taught my two older kids a lot but my 8 year old was not as interested being he is not into the whole facebook thing yet. When I asked what they would do if kids were to write stuff about them online they said to write mean stuff back which is something I would want to do as well, but I did explain to them that would be egging them on and that the other person would have more of a reason to keep on writing stuff but that they should  delete and or block them. Why give them the satisfaction! After we talked about it I do think they understood. I do have to admit if I were to ever find out that anyone was messing with my kids on or offline I would be in big trouble because you can say what you want about me and I don't care but nobody messes with my kids.

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