Friday, December 30, 2011

Alyssa's B-Day Party

Alyssa decided to have a slumber party with all of her old friends that she talks to but does not see often. I figured that would be a good idea because I know all of the girls and there parents and it was a lot cheaper then a regular party. We are really tight on money right now and all we really bought was cake, pizza and popcorn.
Joe stayed away from all the girls as much as he could and Ryan liked being right in the middle of them all as you can tell. Little Aiden was there for a little bit while he was dropping his sister off for the party.

Alyssa Cake! She loves Dino's!
Well the morning after her slumber party my baby Emma was peeing blood and acting all funny. Well as some of you know Emma may be a dog but she is like one of my kids so of course I panicked. My mom came over and watched all the girls till there parents picked them up and my FIL took me to the vet. Emma had a bladder infection which cost us a pretty little penny. So much for saving money! I guess it was a good thing Alyssa's party was so cheap.

I cant forget my wonderful husband who shares a B-Day with our daughter. Thank you for being so good to us. Happy Birthday and I love you with all my heart!


Kimberly said...

Haapy birthday to your daughter and husband. Glad your dog is ok.

sprinkles said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter and hubs.

I'm so sorry about your dog. My kitty had a lot of bladder problems so I know all about that. Hope Emma is doing better now.

Happy New Year!!!