Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas Tree's

Yes I know these last couple post are late but my life has been crazy these last couple of months. And well like I always say better late then never!
The night we got our FAT tree thanks to Alyssa. I wanted a tall skinny one but the guy at the lot agreed with Alyssa so we ended up with the full one as Alyssa would say.
Our tree all nice and decorated!

The tree branch that we ended up with on Christmas morning.
While I was a way for my fathers funeral my tree was not watered and was as dead as dead can be. It was ugly and brown, so I took it down early. It was such a mess to clean up. I clogged my vacuum up a few times and had to take it apart to fix it. As much as I love a real tree I think next year we will get a fake one. I think our little tree was cute if only it could hold all of my favorite ornaments.

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Kimberly said...

Oh that tree branch is funny. I have never had a real tree.