Monday, December 5, 2011

This makes me so sad and scared at the same time

I have been scared since I was pregnant with my first child of my kids being bullied at school. I have always known I would be that parent that would react first because NO ONE will mess with my kids I have always said. I also have always said that I would not ever put up with my child being a bully. My kids and I do talk about this kind of of stuff on a regular basis since they started school. They have shared many stories about stuff other people have done or have had done to them and how they have reacted if they were around when it was going on. I have to say they seem to be really good kids and no I'm not just saying that because there mine. I had all 3 of my kids young and I had people make very rude comments about that so I said to myself I will make sure my kids are well mannered/behaved kids and I have to say since they were toddlers even to this day I have got many compliments from strangers how good my kids are, there teachers have never said anything bad about them just how respectful they are, and yes I do pride myself on that. But after watching this video it made me think how sad/bad it is that we really do have so many kids like this in our world. I have always just thought that if anything bad was going on in my kids life they would come to me. We have a very open family, but this video really got me thinking what if they don't, what if they might not feel right about it, or blame them self's some how. I mean we really want to think we know everything going on in our kids life but they are out of sight for a long period of time while at school and sad to say but we cant always trust that our schools will be able or even care enough to help keep a better eye on our kids. I get weekly emails from my daughters middle school and since the second week of school it says that the bulling is constantly increasing and the email I got just tonight said they are not sure what they can do the numbers have went up so fast that all they can do now is hope parents talk to there kids and that they will have an ear and eye open to this. REALLY we have to send are kids to school to deal with this, come on they have to come up with some kind of solution. It stresses me out sending my kids to school.

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