Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting caught up!!

I have not done much on my blog lately, so much has gone on since October. My mom spent most of October in the ICU and it took a couple weeks to figure out what was going on with her. It came on very sudden with no warnings. We seriously didn't know weather she was gonna be OK or not and that was so very hard. A good part of the time she was in there she was totally out of it and then after her operation we thought once the sedation wore off she would be her old self again and let me tell you how wrong we were. It was a scary time for us. My mom didn't know or remember anything and didn't have any real function over her body. It is something we were not expecting at all and is rare but she came out of it. Well not totally she has a lot of bad days but the last couple day have been better. If she doesn't take her meds she can become totally unaware of her surroundings and who everyone is and lose function with her body which is a scary thought for her. She did just find out that she was approved to be on the liver donor list. She did have the doctors baffled because she has never drank beer or smoked cigarettes and she has a bad liver.

While she was in the ICU I got a call from our landlord telling me they sold our place and we had 30 days to move. Not the best time to get that news. They had a 2 bedroom we could move in to or a house in a bad school dist and so so good neighborhood so both of those were out of the question. We were lucky enough to find a bigger nicer place in the same area that cost WAY TOO MUCH MONEY, but I was in panic mode so i said OK we will take it and as much as I love this house spending $400 more every month is gonna kill us. I am not sure how were gonna make it, but I was so stressed with everything going on I just took this place. I think I am more stressed because of the holiday being here and my daughter and husbands b-day this month and not having money to buy anything for my kids. We talked to our kids about gifts and everything and they were all so sweet about it but it still can stress a person out.

Well if anyone has got this far in the post congrats! Anyways here are few pictures for me to see in the future.
                       Ready to trick or treat on Halloween..
Some of the kids on thanks giving. We had a full house of 20 people at our new place..

Making them to get there picture taken with Santa.
I think they secretly liked sitting on his lap.

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