Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Morning 2009

 Well we had a good Christmas as well. The kids woke up real early as always and all loved what they got for Christmas. We went to my moms for dinner where we exchanged presents with them and Jennie and her family. It was fun the kids all had a blast. I had to tell Alyssa last year that Santa was just a magic spirit and he was not real but if you don't beleave in his spirit you don't get anything and this year I had to have the same talk with Joe. They seem to be OK with what I said, and when talking about Santa they seem to really beleave in him as a spirit. Well Alyssa and Joe were totally surprised that they got there own Laptops this year and Ryan was very happy with his DSI that he got. Here are some pictures to look at.

Alyssa in her new apron

I think Joe is a little Happy

Joe with his Axe

Ryan with his DSI. He did not want to take time for a picture as you can tell

Alyssa with her favorite gift

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