Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

So are family went and got a tree and it was freezing cold that night and Kevin wanted to stay in the car so he did. I found the perfect tree not to tall not to short and not to fat, then Ryan said he found the perfect one which was as short as he is so I told him lets keep looking, Joe did not care he was to cold and just wanted to get home, then Alyssa said I found the one I love it we have to get it mom so I went to look at it and it was huge and I said noway, so we keep looking and Kevin decides to get out of the car and Alyssa got to him before I even seen him and as most know Kevin cant say no to her so she got her fat 9 1/2 foot tree. We got it home and all trimmed up and could not find a place for it because it is just that fat, we dragged all over and I was done with it. Then Alyssa said lets put it in the dining room which I thought is a good idea because it is a good size room. The kids got it all decorated and nice. See the picture it is just perfect.
Sorry the tree is so big I could not get it all in the picture

Then the tree fell no one was even around it. All the decorations fell off, about 10-15 of them broke and my tree topper that I have had before I even had Alyssa broke. I had to vacuum all the glass but after that I did not even want to deal with that fat dumb tall tree. Thank gosh my mom came over the next day and helped me put it all back together and now I love my FULL tall tree.


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