Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our only day of snow this year

  So we got some snow that only lasted a day. I did not get many pictures or even good ones at that. We were lucky to have some cousins here visiting us from Washington on this day.  I was not able to get any pictures of Jared, Hailey, or Ryan because they spent the night at my moms the second night they were here which happens to be the day it snowed.  Alyssa, Megan and Joe all had a blast in the snow, they made a huge snow man in my back yard and went sledding down the hill in my front yard and had snow ball fights with all the neighborhood kids.


Megan pushing Alyssa down the hill

Ginger's first time in the snow

Emma's first time in the snow

Megan going down the hill

Some of the kids that were out in the snow

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