Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kevin And Alyssa's B-Day

On December 8th was Alyssa's 10th B-Day and Kevin's 32nd B-Day. We did nothing exciting that day. Alyssa had school and Kev worked his normal 937468 hour day. My mom, Mike, Jennie, and her kids came over for dinner "TACOS". Oh how I hate cooking tacos, they are so messy to make well at least the way they like them but it is both of there favorite dinner, so I guess I could make it for them on their b-day. We also had cake Alyssa's was a yellow cake no frosting her favorite and Kev's was a yellow cake with chocolate frosting his favorite. Here are a few pictures or should I say a lot from their day.


My Birthday kids!!!!


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