Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bonneville Dam

Today was hot and I wanted to go some where cooler and my hubby was actually off which is a miracle. So we got in the car not knowing where we were going and some how ended up at the Bonneville Dam. It is a really neat place and my kids really enjoyed it which  I was surprised about and they knew a lot about the stuff there which I was really proud of because I didn't even know about that stuff. Then when we were done we went to Red Robin for Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner "yes I know I am horrible I starved my kids today but they were very good starved kids I have to say", then they are having a huge sale at bath and body works so I had to go there, and in the same parking lot was Ikea so I made my husband go with me. It was a sad moment for Alyssa because she is finally to tall to go to the kids area and she was stuck shopping with us which Kev liked because he had some to complain with and hated being there as much as he did. So  I had a really good day and knowing my kids only have 4 days left of school makes it that much better.

World War 2 Guard shack

 I look huge and I look weird but oh well

A really huge sturgeon but there was an even bigger one there but I could not get a picture

 They are happy to finally get some food in there belly

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