Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A good summer day

So I have been trying to figure out what I can do with my kids that wont break us.  Well I have been looking at all different types of summer day camps and they are all $200 being the cheapest one and over meaning like over $300 and that is per a kid for 1 week so I would have to rob a bank if we wanted to consider that. Well I think I would rather be with my kids then in jail. Joseph has been going crazy since last Friday with nothing to do. We have about 100 girls on our street and 1 boy that cant play very often so he is going crazy with nothing to do. Well today was a Good day I tried to come up with stuff to do and I did,  first they played in the water, then I took them to the library which I love because it is so pretty outside of the building.
Then I took them for ice cream

They played outside for awhile then I had 8 kids in my little kitchen making what they called moody faces. I got the idea at

Then to end the day we made Monkey bread which we love but I don't make it to often because there is so much sugar in it but man is it good.

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Rach said...

Hi from Dollar Store D'ecor. I am giving you an award. I hope you come over and check it out.