Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th Of July

Well the day started really good. The weather was great! I painted a lot of the girls faces in our neighborhood. It was a lot of fun for them as well as me. We had family over for dinner then it all went down hill from there and it was still early in the day.  My sister brought over well I am not sure what it was but I had a little and don't remember anything after that which really sucked because I love fireworks and we bought a really cool one that I didn't even get to see. I am not a drinker so it did not take very much for me to get a little tipsy and Kev even took pictures of me and my vomit, what a sweet husband "NOT". Oh well here are some pictures as always :0)

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Anonymous said...

CAN WE SAY "LUSH" you know your a hard core drinker dont lie!!! Oh and u forgot to say how u threw up all over your wonderful twin sister who took care of u once again when you were drunk!!!! God im so sweet I KNOW I KNOW IM THE BEST!!!