Sunday, July 18, 2010

What we have been up to this past week

 Well last Sunday Ryan woke up sick and was throwing up all day "not fun for him or me" and was still sick a little Monday. Tuesday we had people over for my brother in laws birthday and we had a good night playing Phase 10 and the kids had smores in the back yard in with our fire pit. Wednesday I took my kids to paint at a ceramic place now I cant wait to pick them up on Wednesday so we could see how good they turned out. Thursday Joe woke up sick but there was no vomiting "thank Gosh" he just had the body aces and a lot of bathroom time " I know that was a lot of un-needed info". Friday Alyssa had these weird welt/bump things all over her body so I took her to the doctors and she said it is something going around so just drug her up on benadryl, which 3 days later and it has only gotten worse. So ya we had a OK week with sick kids, baby birds or bats in our chimney driving me crazy, no really I am going crazy I even shaved the same leg 3 times, don't ask why I am just losing it a little.
My mom & grandma
Aiden aint he just so cute

Joe with the B-Day old man

All the dark pictures are everyone by the firepit

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