Saturday, July 24, 2010

My new table

 About 3 months ago I got rid of our dining room table when my husband was at work because I knew that was the only way I would get a new one. We have only bought used ones in our 12 years of marriage and I was ready for a new nice one. Well my hubby was surprisingly willing to get me a new one and any table I wanted but it has taken this long for us to agree on one because I wanted a nice yet not so expensive one and he wanted a nice and expensive one so we just didn't get one. Well today I gave in and got the one he wanted and I love it, I am so happy we got it. I also had to get a rug for under it and I love that also. I am not sure what I am gonna put on my table but I think it needs something. The pictures I am gonna post are not that great because I let Alyssa take my camera with her on her little trip she went on.


KatieJones said...

i love it! i need a new table soooo bad!

Carmen said...

Love the table! Goes great with your decorations!