Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Joe's Poetry Night

Joe came home sick on May 12th with 101.7 fever and by the end of the night it was at 103.7. He was upset because on the 13th was poetry night for all of the 3rd grade and he really wanted to go. When he woke up on the 13th he still had a fever but really wanted to go so I emailed his teacher and asked if it would be OK and he said of course because Joe has came so far since the beginning of the school year. Well I took his temp an hour before it started and it was at 102 but he wanted to go so I said what the hell someone else got him sick so why dont' be get a couple more people sick. J/K I was so nervous because when he is nervous he stutters and kids can be so mean and you can barley hear his voice "which is another blog for a later time". But when his turn came up he did a great job, no stuttering and all the kids used a microphone so you could hear him his voice was crackly but you could understand him so that was good. I now have my 2nd hard cover book of poems made by Alyssa and Joe.  In 2 years I will get Ryan's and they are the cutest book it is all poems that they thought of all on there own.

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