Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ryan's Barnyard Moosical

All of the 1st grade at Ryan's school put on a Moosical musical. The theme was barnyard. It was so cute to watch, well at least what I could see of it because I had 2 big heads in front of me that made it hard to see. I did order the DVD so I get to see it better. Well from what i did get to see is that they tried to make it a little more well I am not sure what the kids today would call it but I will say hip. Ryan was not shy a bit which I am not sure why but it surprised me. He was the one that was waving and bowing to everyone as they clapped. He along with all the other kids did a great job.  Well I am gonna post a couple pictures not the best and not to many of them. Don't ask why, we will just have to say it was a long week and I was not thinking.
Ryan is the one waving :0)

I can't forget to say

Happy Birthday Tim
We miss you

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