Friday, September 3, 2010


  This is a very random post but I thought it was kind of funny. So there has been these 2 boys bugging some of the kids on our street today and even called my sweet little Alyssa a BITCH "no one can do that but me". Well every time I go outside they ride away, I didn't want to get to into it because these kids are not much older so they will have to deal with them for along time. So I was wanting all the kids to deal with them on there own. Well that is when my friend Karma stepped in and one of the boys crashed right in to a boat and got scraped up. Well I give the kids on my street credit because they ran up to him and made sure he was OK and gave him bandages and stuff. I on the other hand would of laughed at him and said ya now you really know what a bitch is.

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