Friday, September 3, 2010

Six things Saturday

 Today I am gonna join Katie over at to do the STS.
What is Six things Saturday (STS)?: Six things Saturday is where you write Six things that you have LIKED or DISLIKED or a mixture of BOTH from last Saturday
1. LIKED- The weather was perfect!

2. LIKED- Having a house full of kids all day. " I really mean it I am not being sarcastic"

3. LIKED- Getting to shop online with Kohl's and getting a lot of clearance stuff for awesome prices

4. DISLIKED- Waking up early

5. DISLIKED- Having to meet someone to leave at 9 A.M and not getting up till 8:40 and had to get my kids up and ready and having to leave the house with out getting myself ready

6. LIKED- That my hubby got to go Kayaking with his dad. I think it is good for them to spend time together

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annoyed army wife said...

I weather was perfect here, too! And who doesn't love a bargain?!