Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We are moving :0(

  Kevin and I have been married 12 years and moved 9 times. We are at a place that I never wanted to have to move from again. I love this house and all the kids around here are super nice. We live in a neighborhood where we talk to our neighbors all the time and the kids are always outside playing which is a first for our family. Well after living here 2 years some stuff has came up which we have no control over and we will be moving next month. I am relieved we found a place so fast and easy, but so very sad to be leaving this neighborhood. My kids will be very sad as well. I just hope we all can make friends at our new place and we don't end up next to a bunch of snobs or hermits.


Kristin said...

Sorry that you have to move. We have moved a bunch too. It stinks. Hope that you meet some great new neighbors.

annoyed army wife said...

That sucks you have to leave a great neighborhood - those are hard to find! I hope you luck out with your next one!