Thursday, September 16, 2010

My baby girl is growing up

 Yes I know she is only 10 but I let Alyssa shave her lower legs a couple day ago. She had really hairy legs and when she wears skirts or shorts it was very noticeable. When Joe seen her legs he said oh good you don't have man legs anymore. I told her it is a lot of work and once you start you can't really stop. I asked a couple of her friends if they shave and they all do so I figure why not let her. We bought her an electric shaver so she does not cut her legs. It is a wet/dry one so she does not only have to be in the shower to do  it. I can't believe she is shaving her legs already and next year she will be in JR. high. I hope she has a couple years before she starts her period, but I did start the summer before 5th grade so who knows with her. I am just happy that she had been such a good kid and I hope she will stay this way as she gets in to her teen years.

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